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Sparks of the Tempest

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Sparks of the Tempest

Another Broken 159 from the Jukebox! This was one of my contributions to the Broken 159 puzzle pack from the CTC Discord, themed on classic rock songs. There are A LOT of puzzles in the pack, If you want to check out the pack it is number [4954] in the CtC discord archive, Over 30 puzzles completely free!

Normal Sudoku, Broken 159 and Twin Whisper rules Apply.
Broken 159 - Digits in red-shaded cells in column 1 indicate the position of 1 in the corresponding row. The same is true in columns 5 and 9 for 5's and 9's. All possible red cells in those columns are given
Twin Whispers- Each Line contains doublets (11, 22,33 etc..) whose values are at least 55 from the next doublet. (Twin Whispers are like German Whisper Lines with Double Digits (multiples of 11)

F-Puzzles Link

CTC Link

Lösungscode: Solution Code Row 3 followed by row 8, left to right, 18 digits, no spaces.

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