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(Eingestellt am 10. Januar 2022, 06:28 Uhr von zetamath)

Normalish sudoku rules apply: Every row column and box contains the digits 0-9 once each. To accomodate this, one cell in each row, column, and box is a Schrödinger cell: it contains two digits.

Normal renban rules apply. The cells of a renban contain a nonrepeating set of digits which form a consecutive sequence, in any order. If one or more Schrödinger cells are used, both digits must be part of that sequence.

Normal X rules apply. The sum of ALL the digits in cells separated by an X sum to 10. Not all X's are necessarily given. This allows for some non-standard X's. See the example below.

Have fun, leave a comment if you enjoy the puzzle!

Play this puzzle on CTC

(Note that the CTC app allows you to enter 0 just as any other digit, so no special considerations are needed for this unusual rule set.)

Lösungscode: The digits in the Schrödinger cells from the first row to the last, with the lower of the two digits in each row entered first.

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am 18. Januar 2022, 05:40 Uhr von tallcat
I had originally figured this would be 5/5 all the way but once i got over the initial hurdle, it actually fell into place rather smoothly.

am 18. Januar 2022, 03:15 Uhr von twototenth
Tough but fair. (And also brilliant. So basically it's the Professor McGonagall of puzzles.)

am 14. Januar 2022, 02:54 Uhr von pwfd
I had the same feeling “virtual” had about some X implication, I bet it was the same one. This was hard but really felt like a bread crumb path you could follow logically, beautiful!

am 13. Januar 2022, 18:40 Uhr von henrypijames
This reminded me of your legendary nabneR puzzle right away: both toying with some mind-boggling renban geometry, and both forcing me to stare at them for hours with no clue on where to begin.

am 13. Januar 2022, 06:34 Uhr von acdlite
Incredibly elegant construction! I love this ruleset. It felt brutally hard at times because I kept quadruple checking my logic. But every step was well-telegraphed. I'm so satisfied (and relieved) that I managed to solve it.

am 11. Januar 2022, 19:37 Uhr von virtual
Absolutely lovely! The break-in felt well telegraphed and prepared me for the later parts of the solve path. The slightly twisted logic evoked my favorite kind of brain expanding feeling!
I kept thinking "Oh, it would be really cool if X implication of the rules happened." just before finding that exact thing in the grid. Beautiful puzzle!

am 11. Januar 2022, 12:14 Uhr von MagnusJosefsson
Great puzzle!

am 11. Januar 2022, 10:18 Uhr von marcmees
nice one in the schrödinger series.

am 11. Januar 2022, 01:39 Uhr von Vebby
Masterful setting! Great fun to solve. Thanks zetamath! :)

am 10. Januar 2022, 22:29 Uhr von Angelo
This puzzle breaks your standard way of thinking. I really liked that it challenged me to rethink every otherwise trivial step. Well done!

am 10. Januar 2022, 21:24 Uhr von Qodec
Brilliant! Don't miss this one.

am 10. Januar 2022, 20:45 Uhr von polar
Very enjoyable - thank you! :)

am 10. Januar 2022, 20:19 Uhr von Playmaker6174
I must say, this really brought some troubles for me at the start but actually, it's a really gorgeous start and the flow after that felt quite smooth with some consistent logics that require good observations. Already one of my favorite puzzles of this year ;)

am 10. Januar 2022, 19:22 Uhr von grkles
What an incredible puzzle. Going on my favorites list!

am 10. Januar 2022, 15:01 Uhr von JeremyDover
Awesome puzzle! I loved how the logic with the Schrödinger cells paired with the Renban and X clues to yield some very counterintuitive patterns. Thanks for your craft!

am 10. Januar 2022, 13:01 Uhr von Jesper
Very nice! A lot of fun to solve :)

am 10. Januar 2022, 07:33 Uhr von starwarigami
Awesome puzzle! Glad to see my original concept being picked up and taken to new heights

am 10. Januar 2022, 06:34 Uhr von zetamath
(Fixed a spelling error. Thanks rangsk!)

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