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Disjoint Arrow Sums: Phoenix

(Eingestellt am 18. Dezember 2021, 16:20 Uhr von vidarino)

Disjoint Arrow Sums: Phoenix


  • Regular sudoku rules apply.
  • Digits along an arrow sum to the circled cell.
  • All circled cells contain different digits.


f-puzzles: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=yyy52ymq

CTC app: https://tinyurl.com/2p95kebc

Lösungscode: Row 1 and 2, no spaces.

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am 20. Dezember 2021, 18:02 Uhr von pwfd
It was a nice solve, I’d suggest making the arrows and circles colored so you could disambiguate them better, but overall very fun, ty!

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am 19. Dezember 2021, 21:30 Uhr von aruvi
what a beautiful puzzle, such a smooth flow of logic. on one occasion i was certain that i had broken the puzzle, and had to remember that digits can repeat in an arrow if sudoku permits.
Thanks for your kind words! Glad you liked it. :) -v

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am 18. Dezember 2021, 18:09 Uhr von Baldo95
I didn't find it so easy in my opinion...
Anyway it was lovely
It's got a few tricky parts, but glad you enjoyed it anyway! :) -v

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am 18. Dezember 2021, 17:36 Uhr von Chelo
Great puzzle, thank you!..
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :) -v

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am 18. Dezember 2021, 16:52 Uhr von Cane_Puzzles
That was really fun, thanks!
Thanks! Glad you liked it! :) -v

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