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Close Friends

(Eingestellt am 2. Dezember 2021, 21:43 Uhr von mathpesto)

Comments and ratings are much appreciated. Hope you enjoy!


Normal sudoku rules apply.

Odd/Even: A digit in a gray square must be even. A digit in a gray circle must be odd.

Close Friends: A digit in a white square must be friendly. (A digit is said to be "friendly" if it matches its row, column, and/or box number.)​

A digit in a white circle must be the number of surrounding friendly digits, not including itself. (In other words, the number of friendly digits that are orthogonally and/or diagonally adjacent to the white circle.)

Not all white squares/circles are necessarily given.

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Lösungscode: Enter row 7 then column 9 (18 digits, no spaces)

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am 24. Januar 2022, 16:40 Uhr von alexlovi
Such an incredible build! Took me almost 2 hours of pure amazing logic! Loved this puzzle!!!


@alexlovi So glad to hear that! -MathPesto

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am 18. Dezember 2021, 20:00 Uhr von Bankey
WHAT a puzzle ! Requires complete focus. Hats off, mathpesto ! Thanks :-)


Thanks so much! -mathpesto

am 4. Dezember 2021, 20:18 Uhr von henrypijames
So easy to make mistakes, absolute concentration required.

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am 3. Dezember 2021, 03:40 Uhr von fpac
working out the logic to what touches what was sublime


@fpac, pleased to hear it! -MathPesto

Zuletzt geändert am 3. Dezember 2021, 04:37 Uhr

am 3. Dezember 2021, 02:13 Uhr von Steven R
That was quite a challenge! Very nice, but 4* difficulty imo.


@Steven R, thanks! I changed the difficulty based on your feedback.

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