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Killocator V Minesweep3r: Friendly Kill

(Eingestellt am 28. November 2021, 05:07 Uhr von starwarigami)

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Standard Killocator and Friendly Minesweeper rules apply, with the additional constraint that the valid minesweeper cells are hidden at the locations pointed to by the killocator cages.
  • Digits may not repeat in a cage
  • Digits in a cage sum to a 2-digit number xy, which MUST be different for each cage.
  • The digit at row x column y must equal n, where n is the size of the cage.
  • e.g. if a 5-cage sums to 28 that means that R2C8 is a 5
  • There is also a hidden minesweeper cell at this location.
  • A cell contains a mine if it contains a "friendly" digit, i.e. one that matches its row, column, or box number.
  • Digits in minesweeper cells are the number of mines in the 8 surrounding cells.
  • Minesweeper cells may also contain a mine, but it will not be included in that cell's count.
  • The locations of all valid minesweeper cells are given by the killocator cages, but not all mines are necessarily seen.

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Lösungscode: Row 8 (left to right) Row 9 (left to right) - 18 digits, no spaces

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am 29. November 2021, 13:48 Uhr von marcmees
A wonderful combination of your previous puzzles. Not that very hard once you know what to look for. thanks

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