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- Normal Sudoku rules apply.
- Red cells in columns 1, 5, and 9 index the column of the digits 1, 5, and 9 respectively, in their respective row.
- All possible red cells in columns 1, 5, and 9 are given.
- Purple lines are renban lines and must contain unique consecutive digits in any order.
- Green lines are german whispers, and adjacent digits along them must differ by at least 5.
No bifurcation is required.


Lösungscode: row 5 + row 8 (18 digits total)

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am 8. November 2022, 10:33 Uhr von Christounet
I solved this one after watching your setter interview on Memeristor's channel.
You did a very nice use of the Broken 159 rule combined with renban/GW. Worked liked magic. Thanks.

am 3. Januar 2022, 19:01 Uhr von Bankey
My first attempt at a broken 159, so took a lot of time to wrap my head around the constraint, but in the end, got there ! Great fun ! Thanks, the_cogito :) Great puzzle !!

am 21. Dezember 2021, 04:24 Uhr von the_cogito
Added tags

am 5. Dezember 2021, 16:23 Uhr von Aaronomys
That was absolutely brilliant! There were many fascinating and elegant uses of the rules. Thank you for making this!!

am 27. November 2021, 06:21 Uhr von Andrewsarchus
Excellent use of broken-159 constraint. I really enjoyed this puzzle!

am 27. November 2021, 05:59 Uhr von ScatterBrain
Thanks for the puzzle. It was a joy to figure out!

am 26. November 2021, 20:10 Uhr von tallcat
What a wonderful puzzle! I loved this from start to finish!

am 26. November 2021, 16:44 Uhr von the_cogito
I corrected an issue on the f-puzzles link with the central renban. It is meant to be a length 4 renban, and now conflict highlighting should reflect that. Apologies.

am 26. November 2021, 07:50 Uhr von the_cogito
I had mislabeled the solution code, it should be ok now :) Sorry about that!

Zuletzt geändert am 26. November 2021, 15:47 Uhr

am 26. November 2021, 06:52 Uhr von ScatterBrain
Yes, it looks like the solution code is wrong!

I've fixed this issue, sorry for the trouble.

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