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Normal Sudoku Rules apply.

Kropki rules apply, except dots separate diagonally adjacent cells, with each dot separating two sets of cells. All dots may or may not be given.

  • Cells separated by a white dot contain consecutive digits.
  • Cells separated by a black dot contain digits with a ratio of 2:1.
  • Cells separated by a gray dot contain one set of consecutive digits and one set of 2:1 digits. Note that if 1 and 2 are separated by a gray dot, they can satisfy either condition.

Below are some examples. Red cells show consecutive digits, and green cells show 2:1 digits.

And here is the puzzle. You can solve online at:

Lösungscode: Row 9 then Column 9

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am 27. November 2021, 07:25 Uhr von Nordy
Thanks for solving! Glad it was fun - that was my hope

Thanks for the feedback on difficulty. I was teetering between 2-3 stars. Next puzzle I will round up to be safe!

am 27. November 2021, 05:23 Uhr von djorr
Very fun! Definitely a 3-star puzzle for me, there were some tricky parts in there :) great puzzle!

am 26. November 2021, 04:10 Uhr von ScatterBrain
Very nice! I can't believe it has a solution with so few clues!

am 25. November 2021, 22:38 Uhr von Johannes Quack
Nice rule set, fun to solve!

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