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Liar Slitherlink (WS+PC2021 Leftover)

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Draw a single continuous loop by connecting neighbouring dots along the dotted lines.
The loop may not touch or cross itself, and it doesn't need to touch all of the dots.
A number in a cell indicates how many of its edges are used by the loop.
Exactly one clue in each row and column is false.

Penpa+ link

Lösungscode: For each row, the length of longest run of cells inside the loop. Only use the last digit for two-digit numbers. Sample code would be: 3130

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am 10. Januar 2022, 21:01 Uhr von Aaronomys
I enjoyed this puzzle a lot! :)

am 23. November 2021, 15:16 Uhr von Mark Sweep
Thanks for this nice construction! Definitely enjoyed the WS+PC (mainly WPC) a lot, so looking forward to these puzzles.

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am 23. November 2021, 14:36 Uhr von qiuyanzhe
Hope you enjoyed WS+PC 2021. And it's not finished "completely"! More puzzles will be shared in Puzzle Portal.

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