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The Time Has Come to Be a Minesweeper

(Eingestellt am 22. November 2021, 19:56 Uhr von Thorsby)


Normal sudoku rules apply.

A number in a cell with a circle is the same as the number of the surrounding cells (not counting the cell itself) with odd numbers. (So a total of 8 possible surrounding cells.)

All possible circles are given.

The puzzle:

solving online: f-puzzles:

Lösungscode: Column 8, top to bottom, no gaps between numbers.

Zuletzt geändert am 22. November 2021, 20:00 Uhr

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am 1. Juni 2022, 01:06 Uhr von Samson
Fun puzzle! The unique rule set made for some original logic.
Thank you!

am 15. März 2022, 01:11 Uhr von Piatato
Fun puzzle!

am 14. März 2022, 18:36 Uhr von Bankey
Good fun! Thanks, @ Thorsby :)

am 14. Februar 2022, 05:45 Uhr von Droi
Lots of fun.

CTC Link: https://app.crackingthecryptic.com/sudoku/jDNqJNjtdG

am 13. Februar 2022, 19:42 Uhr von Klausku
Great puzzle! Nice ruleset an a beautiful construction. The negative constraint was not necessary for the solve. Thanks!

am 29. November 2021, 09:23 Uhr von CHalb
Without givens quite fascinating for me.

am 24. November 2021, 16:31 Uhr von Wonderment
Beautiful minimalistic puzzle with a simple ruleset and a very enjoyable solving path. Nothing too tricky. I was repeatedly surprised how quickly the number of candidates for some of the circles got down to one.

am 23. November 2021, 18:02 Uhr von kolot
Lovely puzzle with a smooth solution path!

am 23. November 2021, 13:54 Uhr von Statistica
BTW: Puzzle 4PL has the same ruleset (with even numbers)

am 23. November 2021, 12:03 Uhr von marcmees
very nice. smooth solving path. thanks

am 22. November 2021, 21:31 Uhr von ClashCode
First time I've encountered this rule-set.
I quite enjoyed it! :)

am 22. November 2021, 20:00 Uhr von Thorsby
Changed a word in rules.

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