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Reverse Sums

(Eingestellt am 15. November 2021, 18:15 Uhr von kuraban)

Normal sudoku rules apply.

Numbers outside the grid show the total of the X number of cells, starting the OPPOSITE side of the grid, where X is the first cell next to the clue. This puzzle is a variant of the X-Sums variant puzzle type.

Here's an example, showing how a 3, 5 or 8 might look as a Reverse Sum.

You can reverse your sums on f-puzzles.

Or, if you'd prefer, on the CTC App.

Lösungscode: Column 5 from top to bottom, followed by row 6 from left to right, with no spaces.

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am 16. Januar 2022, 12:46 Uhr von Hecspeed
A refreshing, engaging and sometimes mind twisting puzzle. Absolute joy to solve it :)

am 11. Januar 2022, 18:17 Uhr von Richard
Very interesting take on the usual ruleset! Thx!

am 15. November 2021, 20:10 Uhr von Crul
I like the simple twist on the X-Sum. It's fun to discover the differences with the usual rule while the feeling of still being in familiar territory.


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