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Downtown Heatwave

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(They can't validate the skyscrapers, sorry!)


Normal sudoku rules apply.

Normal thermo rules apply: digits must increase along a thermometer, starting from the bulb.

Normal skyscraper rules apply: Each cell is a skyscraper whose height is specified by its value, and taller skyscrapers hide smaller ones. Each hint outside the grid is "the number of skyscrapers you would see if you were looking along that row/column from that position". (e.g. if you saw 163 728 945, the skyscraper number would be 5, because you would only see 16789.)

Additional Notes:

This should be a fairly easy little puzzle, messing around with the interaction between thermos and skyscrapers. Have fun!

Lösungscode: the values in row 3 (from left to right)

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