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Sudoku Variants Series (341) - Two cell kropki Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 6. Oktober 2021, 00:00 Uhr von Richard)

Für dieses Sudoku-Varianten-Projekt habe ich geplant, jede Woche eine andere Sudokuvariante zu veröffentlichen. Ich werde sehen wie lange es dauert bis mir die Ideen ausgehen.

Two cell kropki Sudoku
Verwende die üblichen Sudoku-Regeln.
Kropki-Kreise beziehen sich auf die Summe der Ziffern in den ersten beiden Kästchen auf jeder Seite des Kreises. Ein weißer Kreis zeigt an, dass die beiden Summen aufeinanderfolgende Zahlen sind. Ein schwarzer Kreis zeigt an, dass eine der Summen doppelt so groß ist wie die andere. Alle möglichen Kreise sind gegeben.

Dieses Rätsel ist von Old Miles inspiriert.

Solve online in F-Puzzles (thanks SudokuExplorer!)
Solve online in Penpa+ (thanks kuraban!)

Lösungscode: Zeile 8, gefolgt von Spalte 7.

Zuletzt geändert am 9. Oktober 2021, 07:27 Uhr

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am 15. Oktober 2021, 11:42 Uhr von pin7guin
Auch gut lösbar, wenn man keine spezielle Limonade (vgl. ID ;-) ;-) ;-) ) dazu trinkt...

Zuletzt geändert am 11. Oktober 2021, 21:28 Uhr

am 9. Oktober 2021, 11:17 Uhr von SirWoezel
Very pleasant puzzle. Thanks! if you ever do try my Two cell ratio kropki I’m sure you’ll notice very soon I actually had some similar thoughts setting it!
@SirWoezel: if I had solved your puzzle earlier, than I would have searched longer for another break in in mine! Anyhow, it seems to be fun for more people to play a bit with this ruleset. ;-)

am 9. Oktober 2021, 07:37 Uhr von Richard
I see that the number of solves is stil on the low side. Don't be scared off by the ruleset! There is an absolutely gorgeous and interesting break in in the puzzle. If you take a few minutes of thinking about the implications of (multiple) dots, you will discover the logic soon enough. I have written that logic in a hidden comment in case you didn't find it yourself and started writing all the possible combinations in C5.
Give it a go, there are links for online solving now. ;-)

am 9. Oktober 2021, 07:32 Uhr von Richard
@bigger: I see what you mean, but I only write where MY inspiration comes from. Of course I have looked at the puzzles that you linked in your own puzzle description. I didn't solve SirWoezel's puzzle (yet?) and it has a different ruleset. I have looked long to PrimeWeasel's and couldn't find an opening. And it also has a different ruleset.
It makes no sense for me to link to those puzzles, since they didn't inspire me.
Don't mean to be rude, just explaining how I link to the ones that inspired me.

am 9. Oktober 2021, 07:27 Uhr von Richard
Added links for online solving. Thx kuraban and SudokuExplorer!

am 6. Oktober 2021, 22:05 Uhr von PrimeWeasel
In all honesty, I don't mind not being credited in this case, I'm glad you guys turned it into something much more solvable than the monster I made back then. Will attempt this one when I'll find the time Richard

am 6. Oktober 2021, 11:28 Uhr von bigger
Technically speaking, the idea was from PrimeWeasel. I simply took part of the rules and ask Old Miles to flesh it out. SirWoezel and I just post an easier version to get people ready for the challenge. I guess I just didn't do the credit good enough for people to realize it's not all my idea. Like I said in the puzzles, the original puzzle from PrimeWeasel deserve more solves.

am 6. Oktober 2021, 07:13 Uhr von kuraban
Some beautiful logic in this. Keeps challenging what you think you know.

am 6. Oktober 2021, 06:08 Uhr von kuraban
f-puzzles - https://f-puzzles.com/?id=y223nnuv
(Remember to Disable Conflict Highlighting)
CTC App - https://tinyurl.com/xashtnyt

am 6. Oktober 2021, 01:19 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
Here's a Penpa+ link: https://git.io/JV6XG

Lovely puzzle with fun logic! Those who like this variant may also want to try SirWoezel's "Two Cell Ratio Sudoku" (id=00053S).

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