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Upping The Anti

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  • Normal Sudoku rules apply, along with the following additional constraints:
  • Anti-Factor Lines
    • A line of length n has the following properties:
      • The digit n must NOT appear on the line.
      • No digit that is a multiple of n may appear on the line.
      • No digit that divides n may appear on the line (excluding 1).
        • e.g. a line of length 4 may not use the digits 4, 8 or 2
      • The digits on the line MUST sum to a multiple of n.
    • Digits may repeat on a line if permitted by other rules.
  • Anti-Knight Rule
    • Cells a chess knight's move apart must NOT contain the same digit.

    f-puzzles link

Lösungscode: Row 1 (left to right) Column 9 (top to bottom) - 18 digits, no spaces

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