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Omissions of Pi

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Omissions of Pi


1. Normal sudoku rules apply.

2. Digits in the cages must sum to the number in the top left corner of the cage.

3. Reading left to right, top to bottom, the digits in the grid appear in the sequence of Pi in order but with some digits between them omitted.

4. The 3 provided in the grid is the 3 that precedes the decimal point.

5. The number at the end on each row indicate the maximum number of digits that can be omitted before each digit in that row. For Example: In row 1, only 2 digits can be omitted between numbers in the grid. The digit in column 2 must come from the first three decimal places of Pi, i.e. 1,4,1. 5 cannot be used in Row 1, Column 2 as it would need 3 digits (the 1,4 and 1) to be omitted.

6. Zeros in the sequence of Pi do contribute towards to omitted digits count. They cannot be ignored.

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Lösungscode: Enter the digits from Row 8 and Row 9 without spaces

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