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This is the seventh and final puzzle in my series exploring the diagonal contraint with other contraints. It was always planned to be the big finale, and the hardest puzzle in the series.


  • Normal Sudoku rules apply.
  • Digits can not repeat along the indicated diagonals.
  • Digits in circles indicate the sum off all the cells on the attached arrow.
  • Within cages, digits must sum to the number given in the top left corner of the cage.

Links to online solving tools

I have since found out that this puzzle has a striking resemblance to a puzzle by the excellent setter Tallcat called Four Corners. This was unintentional and I did not remember Tallcat's puzzle when I set this. Tallcat has urged me to keep this active; and I have been told that the logic all the way through is different.

This puzzle has been featured by Scott Strosahl on his channel. Thanks Scott for the video.

Solve Video

The feedback on this puzzle was that it was hard, so as I always try to do for hard puzzles I have created a solve video for people who are stuck and would like some guidance on how to progress with the logic of the puzzle.

Solve video on YouTube
The video is in English.

People who do not want any help should just ignore the video.

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am 11. Oktober 2021, 19:12 Uhr von Playmaker6174
Some beautiful interactions in this one, thank you for this nice puzzle :)

am 2. Oktober 2021, 02:03 Uhr von tallcat
I very much appreciate the shout out to Four Corners. However, this is a wholly unique and fantastic puzzle in its own right! Wonderful break-in and interactions.

am 1. Oktober 2021, 23:58 Uhr von Bremster
Added link to Four Corners.

am 25. September 2021, 04:51 Uhr von cdwg2000

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