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Wanda's Hex

(Eingestellt am 25. September 2021, 11:00 Uhr von fjam)

Looking for a good German translation of the rules, using 'verhexen' in an appropriately conjugated form for 'hexed' (if Google translate can at least be trusted with one word).

  • Normal Sudoku rules apply.
  • In cages, digits must sum to the small clue in the top left corner of the cage.
  • Clues outside the grid give the sum of digits along the indicated diagonal, which may repeat if allowed by other rules.
  • The red line is the boundary of Wanda's Hex, all cells and sums enclosed by the boundary are being hexed such that their values are expressed differently.
  • Cells on the Hex boundary split their value in half. The half outside is unaffected, while the half inside is hexed.
  • Any clue that crosses the Hex is given by crudely summing the two totals from inside and outside the Hex. For example, the 20 cage in column 3 includes three and a half hexed cells which should first be summed, then combined with the remaining half a cell outside the Hex. In cases where these totals cannot be combined, the clue is given as NAN (not a number).
  • The effect of the Hex should be discovered by the solver. All clues are numerically consistent.

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am 23. August 2022, 09:42 Uhr von tesseralis
I have no idea how to get started on this puzzle. The rules are so vague that I feel you can put in any random combination of numbers and justify it.

* What does "expressed differently" even mean?? Can it be literally *any* function (1 -> 7, 2 -> -5, 3 -> 3.1415...) or is something like "an algebraic expression" (2x, x^2, etc).
* What does "cannot be combined" mean?? Is it "Not a Number" in the sense of a floating point calculation? What number system are you in? If we're dealing with real numbers then the square root of a negative number is "not a number" but it's well defined if we're dealing with imaginary numbers.

am 29. Oktober 2021, 04:52 Uhr von starwarigami
An epic quest! Figuring out the mystery isn't that hard if you get your brain on the right track, but you're still left with a very challenging puzzle that can lead you a merry dance if you let it

am 14. Oktober 2021, 20:09 Uhr von SirSchmoopy
Wonderful Puzzle! Took more than a few hours to solve it but i'm glad i stuck through with it until the end

am 6. Oktober 2021, 20:45 Uhr von Mimaamakim
This is an incredible puzzle that's more than a little cryptic, but very, very beautiful once you get the trick!

am 28. September 2021, 19:05 Uhr von Zombie Hunter
Not a number could mean all 7's have the value of hippo. Hippo is certainly not a number. Pi is a number. An irrational number, but a number nonetheless.

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am 28. September 2021, 16:58 Uhr von PrimeWeasel
What bothers me is the 24.3 cage, which I consider to be a number, and the fact that the LKs have a property of not being a number. I guess you mean they sum to something like 22.5, or whatever, but then I don't understand why there is a 24.3 cage...

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