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Twisted 159

(Eingestellt am 19. September 2021, 17:51 Uhr von Testarossa)


  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Digits in killer cages can't repeat and must sum to the clue in the corner (if given).
  • Numbers placed in positions 1/5/9 in any box points that 1/5/9 must go in that box number in the same position (eg. if 3 is placed in R3C6, 9 must go in box 3 - in R3C9)

Solve in:

Lösungscode: Row 2 then column 2 (18 digits)

Gelöst von matiasv5, SKORP17, marcmees, cegie, kublai, JohnDoeJersey, ashwin, kaitoJD, Julianl, BenceJoful, Mark Sweep
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am 26. September 2021, 02:11 Uhr von kaitoJD
A little confusing on the wording of the “twisted 159”, but once I understood, fun puzzle.

am 20. September 2021, 22:33 Uhr von Hausigel_mod
PS: I am noting that you, Tom1i, also have a history of pressing other users to follow non-existing rules. We are asking you to stop it, too.

am 20. September 2021, 20:21 Uhr von Hausigel_mod

You are missing the point here. First, this is not about "siding" with Testarossa. The user geronimo92 has, with his comments, repeatedly coerced other users to adjust their behaviour to what he feels is right, even though he has no official business in this regard. (You can check his posting history.) There have been incidents when his actions were not taken well, and he has been reminded not to push other users, especially by referring to rules which do not exist.

Second, about "pushing down" puzzles: I take it you are referring to the (default) front page of the Puzzle Portal, and to the period of time puzzles typically remain on that page. Well, there are different opinions about what kind of puzzles should be posted, and how many of them. But growth in general has always been one of the community's objectives. And one direct consequence of this growth is that puzzles on that page will be visible for shorter periods - with or without that what you call "dumping".

Perhaps you think it will be possible to follow all the "interesting" developments if we are slowing down things. Well, it is not going to work indefinitely, one way or another. For some time now, changes are being made to provide the tools for users to filter the stream of puzzles and to search specifically for what they find interesting. The front page simply cannot cover this any more.

Finally, may I suggest taking this discussion to the forum. There is no particular reason to have it in the comments area below a specific puzzle.

am 20. September 2021, 18:33 Uhr von geronimo92
Thanks Tom1i that's very kind from you.... but experienced setters and solvers seem not to have their place anymore here.... shame and sad because LMD was the best community for many many years.... what is the interest to transfer so many puzzles from CTC discord to LMD if they are already solvable from the first place? But no problem i wont comment any more i promise dear mods ;)

Zuletzt geändert am 20. September 2021, 18:06 Uhr

am 20. September 2021, 17:56 Uhr von Tom1i
I don't think that's fair to geronimo92 at all.
I can just imagine myself spending a long time perfecting a puzzle, and then the day I post it here, someone from discord decides to dump their catalog.
Not only has @Testarossa made it unlikely that their own puzzles have time to get a rating - they have pushed down puzzles from many other setters. This to me is so blatantly disrepectful towards the LMD community (regardless of the quality of the puzzles), that I will stand with geronimo92 whatever happens.
You guys need to start working on some rules asap. Two puzzles in a day (even in a row) has become pretty common within the last few weeks. And now the mods are siding with a new member, dumping 5 puzzles, against an experienced and respected solver with more than 2000 solves under their belt. That is not right - not right at all!

Zuletzt geändert am 20. September 2021, 13:54 Uhr

am 20. September 2021, 13:53 Uhr von Testarossa
I've just transferred 5 of my puzzles from CTC discord to LMD, for people here can also solve and enjoy them. Sorry if this offends you in any way.

am 20. September 2021, 10:15 Uhr von Hausigel_mod
We are asking you just once more to restrain yourself from posting comments of this kind, pressing other users to follow rules which do not exist. At this point, the guidelines regarding the frequency of publishing new puzzles are just a strong recommendation. If you had read the forum yourself, you would have realized that our community has decided not to implement any hard restrictions in this regard (yet).

As we see it, the main cause of the Sudoku flood is the increased number of puzzle authors, not the decision of a few contributors to post several puzzles a day; in our perception, these are still isolated incidents. All this may change in the future, and in the meantime you are welcome to take part in the respective discussion in the forum (or to send messages to the web team/site admins). But it is not your place to run around the Puzzle Portal policing these matters.

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