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This is the fifth puzzle in my series exploring the diagonal contraint with other contraints.


- Normal Sudoku rules apply.

- Digits can not repeat along the indicated diagonals.

- Between cells in rows, columns or along the indicated diagonals, black dots indicate the adjacent cells must have a ratio of 1:2, and white dots indicate that cells must be consecutive. Not all dots are given.

Links to online solving tools

This puzzle was featured by Unshackling Sudokus and Puzzles and solved by Ashish Kumar.

Link to Unshackling Sudokus and Puzzles video

Solve Video

While I don't feel this is a particularly hard puzzle, I do believe in providing assistance for people who are new and might be having trouble figuring out how to solve a puzzle. To help them I have created a solve path video they can use to either get a rules explanation or to get assistance if they want it.

Solve video on YouTube

People who do not want any help should just ignore the video, unless after they have solved it they want to see how I still struggle with my own puzzles.

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Very nice puzzle! Thx:)

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