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Kropki XV - Intersecting Waves

(Eingestellt am 14. September 2021, 02:00 Uhr von XeonRisq)

This may very well be the last puzzle of this series. If more puzzles like this are desired, please comment on the puzzle.
If there is enough interest, I will continue to create/post puzzles from this series.
  • Normal Sudoku rules apply.
  • Numbers that appear in the cells between a ratio constraint must have a ratio of 2.
  • Numbers that appear in the cells between a difference constraint must have a difference of 1.
  • Not all dots are given.
  • Cells separated by an X must sum to 10.
  • Cells separated by a V must sum to 5.
  • Numbers along the indicated diagonal must sum to the given total.
  • Numbers in a quadruple constraint must appear in one of its surrounding cells.
  • Highlighted cells have no special meaning, just for artwork.
  • F-puzzles link - link to solve online

Lösungscode: Row 7 followed by Column 7

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am 29. September 2021, 12:44 Uhr von Hausigel_mod
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am 14. September 2021, 17:34 Uhr von sPaulding
The break-in was fun, and the smooth flowing logic was fun. I wasn't much of a fan of the way the final portion was disambiguated, but I'm not sure of a much cleaner way to do it.

am 14. September 2021, 02:43 Uhr von gamlesvarten
Fun puzzle! The break in was smooth and the rest of the puzzle unraveled nicely.

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