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Moldy Dumpling

(Eingestellt am 12. September 2021, 09:07 Uhr von GarlicBredFries)

Don't eat it, it's killer

Collab with purpl.

Normal sudoku rules apply
Digits in a cage sum to the number in the top left corner. Digits must not repeat in a cage
Adjacent digits along green lines have a difference of at least 5

Play on F-Puzzles.

Lösungscode: Row 1 then column 2, left to right then top to bottom

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am 15. September 2021, 19:00 Uhr von grkles
This puzzle was obviously constructed with care and attention to detail :)

am 15. September 2021, 00:06 Uhr von abed hawila
Excellent puzzle!

am 12. September 2021, 10:32 Uhr von Elliott810
Very nice puzzle! thx:)

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