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Puzzle Name: Loki
Puzzle Type: Renban Whisper Sudoku
Puzzle Link: F-Puzzles

  1. Classic: Normal Sudoku rules apply.
  2. Renban: There are some purple lines shown in the grid. These are renban lines. Each line of length n consists of n consecutive digits. The digits on the line themselves may be arranged in any order.
  3. German Whispers: Adjacent cells on the green line must have digits which have a difference of at least 5. Digits may repeat along the line, if allowed by other rules.

This puzzle was inspired by the Loki featured in the recent MCU Loki series :-)

Lösungscode: Col1,Col2

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am 22. Oktober 2021, 20:01 Uhr von PinkNickels
Incredible puzzle! What a masterpiece. Just over 19 min, but loved every second!

@PinkNickels, Thanks for trying the puzzle and for the wonderful feedback! :-)

Zuletzt geändert am 13. September 2021, 16:46 Uhr

am 13. September 2021, 03:15 Uhr von gamlesvarten
My favourite puzzle so far on LMG. Once you figure out the patterns, it flows beautifully and offers some great epiphanies along the way. Bravo!

@gamlesvarten, Thanks for trying the puzzle and the very kind words! I am glad you enjoyed the puzzle! :-)

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am 10. September 2021, 17:22 Uhr von Orpheus
I always like artsy puzzles like this. I totally got stuck in the middle and had that, "should have seen this sooner" moment that blew the puzzle open. Great fun and a lovely puzzle!!!

@Orpheus, Thanks for trying the puzzle and the wonderful feedback! Glad you had so much fun with the puzzle! :-)

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am 8. September 2021, 17:32 Uhr von Arkhchance
Very hard for me (took me 1h20min) but I had a ton of fun
Thank you :)

@Arkhchance, Thanks for trying the puzzle and keeping at it and I am really glad you had lot of fun (which is always my only goal)!

Zuletzt geändert am 8. September 2021, 19:44 Uhr

am 8. September 2021, 03:51 Uhr von Monty
Cool puzzle! I enjoyed the use of triples especially.

@Monty, thanks for trying the puzzle and feedback! :-)

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