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Viking Runes

(Eingestellt am 16. August 2021, 03:18 Uhr von Kafkapharnaum)

It’s weird having needed so much time setting this puzzle and not finding what to say about it. In a way it reminds me of XeonRisq’s Global ThermoSudoklear War, which I just couldn’t see how to properly rate in terms of difficulty

A great many thanks once again to wizard setter Filuta for testing!

- Arrows: digits along an arrow must sum to the number in the connected circle. The middle rune is essentially an X (four 2 cell arrows), with a sideways S superimposed on it (consisting of two 4 cell arrows)
- Gray squares: even digits
- 'Quadruple' circles: digits in these circles must appear in one of the connected cells
- Cells connected by a white dot: consecutive digits
- Little killer clues: sum of the digits on the indicated diagonal
- XV: cells connected by a V sum to 5; by an X, to 10

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Lösungscode: Columns 4 and 6

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am 19. August 2021, 05:35 Uhr von XeonRisq
Excellent construction, though it was tough for me to get the puzzle moving. (probably due to my lackluster solving skills, but I'm working on it) Very nice interactions between the constraints and I really liked the knotted arrows in the middle, but it was quite surprising where it came into play in the solve. Once I got over the hump, it flowed very nicely.
Also, appreciate the compliments and suggestion of one of my previous puzzles; it means much more when it comes from a completely different puzzle.
Thank you so much for the solve and for your kind words! Indeed, there is a key point in that puzzle that could just as well either prove evident or elusive, and because of that I felt this puzzle was just as likely to be a 2 stars as it could be a 4 stars, which is why I was reminded me of your puzzle -- I remember thinking 'HOW have I not seen this earlier!?' haha
My pleasure for the shoutout -- now if only it could get your puzzle at least one more solve :/

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am 16. August 2021, 03:40 Uhr von filuta
beautifly looking with beautiful solving path as usual, it was a pleasure to test it, even though I felt how sneaky it can be on my own skin
Haha, well, if for some mysterious reason you ever want to feel that way again, I recommend checking the XeonRisq puzzle I linked above ;) In any case, thanks again for testing, for entering your solve and for your kind words!

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