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Caged Mozart

(Eingestellt am 4. August 2021, 01:13 Uhr von Chilly)

The Story:

There's trouble in music heaven.The ghost of John Cage has been at it again (composing using random notes) and the angry spirit of Mozart has decided to rearrange the random notes into a 'proper tune'.

Cage's score is covered in disorganised markings including arrows, and (not surprisingly) cages which Mozart needs to decipher. He's figured out that each bar is represented by a box which has each of the 7 notes of the scale, A to G, plus an extra note one octave above. Typically of Cage, 7 of the 8 bars, rows and columns are in a different key, so each of these 7 have different repeated notes. For example, if a bar, row or column is in B it has BCDEFGAB - B repeats. Because there are 8 bars, rows and columns, and only 7 different notes, two of the bars, rows and columns have the same repeated note as one another. Fortunately one of these extra repeats has been written down clearly.

To further complicate things, the notes are written in code, 1 for A, 2 for B in order up to 7 for G. There is no 8 - the code cycles back to 1!

Fortunately, Cage has written the keys that some of the columns and rows of his piece are in, using traditional letters, in the margins of the score. However, unbeknown to Mozart, Cage, wary of traditionalist meddling, has also left a defiant message for anyone bold enough to tamper with his score.

Can you help Mozart decipher Cage's score, find the message, and be the saviour of music itself?

The Rules for clarity:

  • Normal arrow rules and killer rules apply, except each row column and box has exactly one repeat (8 is not used).
  • The numbers 1-7 represent the notes A-G. A is represented by 1, B by 2 in order up to 7 for G. Each row/column/box is in a key. The repeated digit represents the key that the row/column/box is in - so a row with 2345672 is in the key of B, for example.
  • Repeats are allowed on arrows and in cages when it's one of these repeated digits.
  • The given digit is repeated once in exactly two rows, two columns and two boxes, whilst the other digits are each repeated once in just one row, one column and one box.
  • Clues in the margins indicate the key that the corresponding row or column is in, and thus the note that is repeated in that row or column.
  • When solving you might want to turn off 'highlight conflicts' because of the repeats.

    Caged Mozart

    by Chilly

    Link for solving on f-puzzles

Lösungscode: Row 2, row 7 then column 7 i.e. 24 digits, no spaces

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am 21. August 2021, 09:32 Uhr von Hausigel_mod
Labels/Tags changed

am 6. August 2021, 23:18 Uhr von DanMeehan
Odd puzzle. Even after entering the last digit, AND checking that each row, column and box had the right number of duplicates, I still was not entirely sure I had it right.
Thanks for creating it.
BTW - what's the message?

Zuletzt geändert am 6. August 2021, 22:21 Uhr

am 6. August 2021, 22:18 Uhr von Chilly
Thanks for the feedback Dan. It is unusual I know! May as well post the message now, since the puzzle has been live for a while - it's in the circles - 4:33. John Cage's most famous piece is called '4 mins and 33 seconds' - it's just silence for that length of time! Quite controversial. I guess the idea was that it was his way of telling Mozart to shut up...

am 6. August 2021, 21:34 Uhr von DanMeehan
Odd puzzle. Even after entering the last digit, AND checking that each row, column and box had the right number of duplicates, I still was not entirely sure I had it right.
Thanks for creating it.
BTW - what's the message?

am 6. August 2021, 19:15 Uhr von Chilly
Update rules after more testing

am 5. August 2021, 11:28 Uhr von Chilly
OK - that's a fair point. I have updated to say normal sudoku rules do not apply. Actually the rules were tested before and what you see here is the result after the test! Maybe more testing was needed.

am 5. August 2021, 10:26 Uhr von bigger
I mean you don't have to change your explanation of the arrow or killer. But It's definitely normal 8x8 Sudoku rule does not apply. There has been a lot of repeated digit variants in this portal. If 8 is never used, why mentioned it in the first place. Because you add a rule for clarity part, it has to be clear. It's a little bit redundant for my taste. I could complain about every line of the rule. I spent half the time trying to understand the rule rather than solving the puzzle.
If you want my advice, test your ruleset with another person, then ask him to write down what the rule is. Compared, revised then test again, until the tester answer's length is very close to the original ruleset.

am 4. August 2021, 10:37 Uhr von Chilly
Clarified rules

am 4. August 2021, 10:32 Uhr von Chilly
Yes - it could be clearer. I'll update it. However, I think your suggestion is not quite right.

The killer and arrow part are not still the same because digits can repeat in the cage, and on the arrow (but not the circle or the maths would be wrong).

Also, the repeated digit in rows/columns/boxes does not always form a set of 12345671 - there are 2 sets of 12345671 and one set each of 23456712, 34567123, 45671234, 56712345, 67123456 and 71234567.

am 4. August 2021, 05:15 Uhr von bigger
This is not a good rule exposition.
For future solver, the actual rule is fill the grid with 1-7 so each digit appears at least once in each row, column and box. Clues outside indicate the digit that appears twice in the respective row or column. The repeated digit in rows/columns/boxes form a set of 12345671. Killer and arrow part is still the same.

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