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Tricksy Tetrominoes

(Eingestellt am 27. Juli 2021, 03:16 Uhr von rasdasd)

  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Digits in a cage must sum to the clue in the top left corner of the cage. Digits may not repeat in a cage.
  • Along thermometers, digits must increase from the bulb end.
Play it here on f-puzzles.
Play it here on crackingthecryptic.

Lösungscode: Row 2 followed by column 2 (18 digits)

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am 9. August 2021, 15:14 Uhr von Hausigel_mod
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am 27. Juli 2021, 05:04 Uhr von cdwg2000

am 27. Juli 2021, 04:46 Uhr von rictech
Finally registered with LMG to leave a comment! Very nice puzzle, about right for my skill level. Thanks for entering in the CtC app! I use mobile mostly and so I try most of the ones in that app. I’d call it approachable for sure.

am 27. Juli 2021, 03:17 Uhr von rasdasd
Feedback on approachability would be much appreciated.

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