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Transformed Squares

(Eingestellt am 26. Juli 2021, 14:34 Uhr von steelwool)

The sum of the red 4x4 square is as small as it can be, with the sum given in the 2 cell red area (read as a 2 digit number, eg 27).
The sum of the blue (15 cell) area is as large as it can be, with the sum given in the 2 cell blue area.
Standard Sudoku rules apply. Little Killer diagonals sum to the given value and may include repeated digits. Killer cages do not include repeated digits.

Solve the puzzle online at F-Puzzles

NB Solve red before blue!

Lösungscode: Enter the digits from Row 5, followed by the digits from Column 7

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am 1. August 2021, 20:26 Uhr von steelwool
Add tags, add text about solving min before max.

am 27. Juli 2021, 00:22 Uhr von CJK
@steelwool: It seems like there was a written mistake in the update, which could caused the un-labeling.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience :)

am 26. Juli 2021, 22:17 Uhr von steelwool
add sudoku tag

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am 26. Juli 2021, 21:36 Uhr von CJK
Since this is a Sudoku puzzle, could you please add the sudoku tag?
-- Hi, the setup seems to have changed. It asked me if I was entering a sudoku and I said yes. There is no symbol for sudoku to select any longer, so I am surprised it didn't get added after the question. Added as a bespoke tag

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