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Job Interview

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Okay, so this interviewer is tougher than I imagined (or well, I did have a feeling it could be the case). Thank you to all solvers who stuck it out despite maybe expecting something else, much appreciated :)

- Arrows: digits along an arrow must sum to the number in the connected circle
- Cells connected by a V sum to five (5)
- Thermos: Digits must strictly increase starting from the bulb. There are FOUR (4) thermos on this grid, with each bulb standing for two thermos, and facing thermos meet (end) on the arrow circles on the sides of the 'table'. Don’t worry about the thermos crossing or not, the end where they meet is all that matters

Solve on F-puzzles

Lösungscode: Column 2, row 8

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am 25. Juli 2021, 23:50 Uhr von filuta
well, the interview started smoothly, then became pretty hot, but ended well. happy to see so many successful attendands, not sure, who gets the job then. as always pretty awesome geometry/arithmetic interplay, I really enjoyed it a lot. not sure about 2 stars though, but with this speed it gets its raiting in no time, so it doesn't matter anyway.
Yes, I think a few people are likely to find this harder than 2 stars -- anyway according to the stats, a lot of people did with my other 2 stars (and even the 1 star), and I think this one is a fair bit harder than these. In any case, thanks a lot once more for your solve and kind words, much appreciated! :D

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