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Base Camp

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Normal sudoku rules apply.
Digits cannot repeat within a cage.
The small number in the top left cell of each cage is the sum of the digits in the cage expressed in a non-decimal number system. The base of each cage's given sum is equal to the digit in the cell showing that sum. (For example, if a two-cell cage contained the digits 6 and 5 in that order from left to right, its sum would be given as 15, because 15 in base-6 is equal to 11 in base-10.)


Lösungscode: row 1, row 2 (18 characters, no spaces)

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am 31. Juli 2021, 00:21 Uhr von Jakhob
Amazing! Loved it!

am 30. Juli 2021, 06:12 Uhr von DanMeehan
Fun puzzle. Reminded me of college Comp Sci lab, when I could look at '1111' and see '15' without thinking about it.

am 27. Juli 2021, 14:07 Uhr von Tilberg
Nice idea! After a few moments of confusion, the horizon cleared up and I was able to stroll through that meadow of your base camp, picking flowers everywhere ... ;-)

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