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Odd Digits Out

(Eingestellt am 28. Juli 2021, 14:43 Uhr von jwsinclair)

Normal sudoku rules apply.
Some cages show their sums.
The sums of the digits in any two cages separated by a gray dot must have a 2:1 ratio.
Digits in cells separated by a white dot are consecutive.


Lösungscode: row 1, row 9 (18 characters, no spaces)

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am 11. August 2021, 16:31 Uhr von Hausigel_mod
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am 29. Juli 2021, 20:24 Uhr von jwsinclair
@Pila: Wow, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but you're right. At least about 10-20-10 being a possibility (for some reason I was convinced that row had to be 16-8-16). I followed that trail and eventually the puzzle broke, so I believe there was always a unique solution, but it was definitely harder to find than I intended.

I added a white dot, which should help things. Thanks for letting me know!

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