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Rules: Normal sudoku rules apply. Numbers outside the grid give the sum of the digits along the indicated diagonal. Digits along diagonals may repeat if allowed by other rules. The digit in row 1 column 4 is larger than its 3 orthogonal neighbors. Digits along arrows must sum to the digit in the arrow's circle.

F-puzzles link: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=yebvekua

Lösungscode: Row 1 Column 1 (18 digits, no spaces)

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am 5. August 2021, 12:58 Uhr von Piatato
Brilliant puzzle! :-)
Thanks Martin, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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am 4. August 2021, 14:35 Uhr von djorr
Difficulty is a "tough" 3/5. Hard to say but it is between 3/5 and 4/5.

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