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Toroidal Weaved Truncated Square Tiling Tapa

(Eingestellt am 2. Juli 2021, 15:00 Uhr von athin)

Rules of Toroidal Weaved Truncated Square Tiling Tapa:
  • The grid wraps around horizontally and vertically and also is divided into several 1-cell and 3-cells tiles.
  • Shade some tiles such that all shaded tiles form a single orthogonally connected region.
  • In addition, for each intersection point, at least one of the three tiles remains unshaded (i.e. no 2x2 cells are shaded).
  • Some tiles have clues and these tiles cannot be shaded.
  • The clues represent the lengths of the blocks of consecutive shaded tiles (NOT cells!) surrounding the clues.

The "standard" Toroidal Weaved Truncated Square Tiling Tapa rules apply.

Lösungscode: Assuming the grid is NOT wrapping around, for every column from left to right enter the length of the longest consecutive vertical block of UNSHADED CELLS (out of 16). Only use the last digit for two-digits length.

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am 3. Juli 2021, 17:41 Uhr von CHalb
athin, thank you! That's once more an interesting puzzle from you, which adds a fine new colourful touch to our portal :-) .

am 3. Juli 2021, 13:29 Uhr von Realshaggy
We did this usually on hidden comments that ask for hints or clarifications, since this is the only way the comment author can see the answer of the puzzle author, if he did not solve the puzzle yet.
For open comments I agree to Ulrich, it's always a little bit annoying to see your own comment changed. But good etiquette has gone down a lot in the last year. Which is normal with a flood of new authors, since such things are normally not written down.

am 3. Juli 2021, 13:17 Uhr von uvo
The e-mail is not annoying, the editing itself is. If someone writes something, they should do it under their own name, not someone else's.

am 3. Juli 2021, 13:04 Uhr von athin
@uvo Sorry, yes sure, I will keep this in mind.

With all due respect, I reply every comments by editing them because I thought that's the way we usually do here. One is to avoid the "spamming of comments", and also it's very useful for replying hidden comments too. But I realized editing a comment will also send the email to the commenter, thus might annoy some people.

am 3. Juli 2021, 12:54 Uhr von uvo
Could you please answer with a comment of your own instead of editing mine?

Zuletzt geändert am 3. Juli 2021, 13:17 Uhr

am 3. Juli 2021, 12:13 Uhr von uvo
"standard Toroidal Weaved Truncated Square Tiling Tapa rules"


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