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Perpetual Abomination

(Eingestellt am 1. Juli 2021, 08:16 Uhr von GarlicBredFries)

Standard Heyawake Rules apply:
Shade some cells so that no shaded cells are adjacent, the shaded cells in a room match the number if given, the unshaded cells form one contiguous region, and an orthogonal run of unshaded cells does not pass through two borders

Play on puzz.link.

This was inspired by Shye's Perpetual Station, and dedicated to her.

The solution code can be checked here.

Thanks to jovi_al for the template

Lösungscode: The shaded cells in numerical order of the yellow regions in the picture above (no spaces in between numbers)

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Gelöst von Nityant5, Vebby, CJK, Mark Sweep
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Gestern, 16:15 Uhr von Mark Sweep
What a madness, to make a puzzle of this size. The puzzle itself has large parts that are not hard at all, it's just hard to find where to look next sometimes. That being said, it does have lots of nice logic and little intricacies. It has been a great 2 hours of fun, thank you!

On another note, maybe you could add the Heyawake tag (the one that should appear when typing in the box for 'Additional tags') such that people interested in Heyawakes will find it more easily. Also, I think the English knowledge tag is mostly used for puzzles where English vocabulary is actually important (such as cryptic crosswords).

am 14. Juli 2021, 17:26 Uhr von GarlicBredFries
Fixed the rules a bit

am 13. Juli 2021, 20:05 Uhr von Vebby
This was my first heyawake, and what a puzzle to start off with! Took me about 24 hours across 4 days, had to restart once due to an error. Real test of concentration and patience. Great feeling to finally complete it! Enjoyed the logic throughout. Amazing construction to come up with something so large and intricate. Thanks GarlicBredFries! :)

am 3. Juli 2021, 02:13 Uhr von GarlicBredFries
Added some labels

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