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  • -Classic sudoku rules apply.
  • -Thermometers: digits strictly increase from the bulb to the tip(the thermos in boxes 1/3/7/9 are 5 cell long).
  • -Sandwiches:the numbers on the edge indicate the sum of the digits strictly between the cells containing 1 and 9 on that row or column.
  • -Nonlinearity: Any three adjacent cells along a row or column can never contain an arithmetic progression (like 147 or 876). ie a 5 with a 2 above him can not have an 8 below him (cf example)

example :The digits on the left side respect the Nonlinearity constraint, but the digits on the right have the triplets 159, 543 and 678 which are not allowed

Lösungscode: row 5

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am 29. Juni 2021, 14:22 Uhr von RockyRoer
Nonlinearity is quite restrictive... and very hard for me to scan for! Interesting rule

Thanks! I am glad you like the contraint :). For a global constraint it's not that restrictive in fact (way less so than antiknight for instance, and less than non-consecutive, and I think disjoint too).

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