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Killomino Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 10. Juni 2021, 03:54 Uhr von Phistomefel)

Dieses Rätsel ist eine Mischung aus einem Killer-Sudoku und einem Fillomino und dürfte eines meiner schwierigsten Rätsel bislang sein. Es ist von SirWoezels fantastischem Fillomino-ish Killer Sudoku inspiriert, hat aber modifizierte Regeln.

Zu den Regeln:
  • Es gelten die üblichen Sudoku-Regeln.
  • Das Gitter muss in verschiedene Gebiete unterteilt werden, sodass orthogonal benachbarte Gebiete unterschiedlich viele Felder haben. Jedes Feld ist Teil genau eines Gebiets.
  • In einem solchen Gebiet dürfen sich keine Zahlen wiederholen. Ein Gebiet kann keinen Hinweis, einen oder mehrere Hinweise enthalten. Alle Hinweise in einem Gebiet müssen identisch sein und geben die Summe der Zahlen in diesem Gebiet an.
Zur Klarstellung: Es ist möglich, dass sich zwei benachbarte Gebiete zur selben Zahl aufsummieren, solange sie unterschiedlich viele Felder haben.

Ein kleiner Hinweis zum Notieren der Gebiete:
Meiner Erfahrung nach ist es nützlich, Gebiete gleicher Größe identisch zu färben, damit leicher ersichtlich ist, welche Größe neue Gebiete haben können.

Zur Veranschaulichung findet ihr hier ein Beispiel auf einem 6x6-Gitter:

Falls ihr zunächst das Beispiel ausprobieren möchtet, findet ihr hier einen Link.

Das eigentliche Rätsel ist auch online über Penpa Plus verfügbar. Viel Spaß beim Lösen!

Lösungscode: 1. und 7. Spalte

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am 21. Juni 2021, 21:07 Uhr von Vebby
Brilliant! Thanks Phistomefel!

am 17. Juni 2021, 20:23 Uhr von clohrmann
I had a great time with this one! I love puzzles where I have to deduce the regions. I agree with Farkov that I did not find this as hard as other 5 star puzzles you normally make. It was borderline 4/5 for me.

am 17. Juni 2021, 12:34 Uhr von Farkov
Thank you Thomas, that was an absolute cracker :)

My brain quite liked that one, I didn't find it as difficult as one of your usual 5-star puzzles. Very nice indeed.

am 16. Juni 2021, 23:54 Uhr von SSG
110 minutes, and yet it never felt like I'd stopped making progress. I can't begin to imagine how you kept the difficulty so consistent through this entire solve. Just incredible!

am 14. Juni 2021, 08:03 Uhr von Mody
Fantastisch, man kann gar nicht aufhören :)

am 13. Juni 2021, 03:03 Uhr von LucyH
One of the most fun, challenging and rewarding puzzles I have ever encountered! Stunning setting Phistomefel!

am 12. Juni 2021, 23:42 Uhr von SirSchmoopy
I felt compelled to finish this after you said it was one of your hardest/i wanted to prove I could do something like this.

It took multiple attempts at this, I would go until I got something wrong/broke the puzzle, and then completely restarted from the beginning until I could do the entire thing just with logic and no brute forcing.

It was a learning experience (i.e. I made a TON of mistakes, and it took me many attempts). I must have spent at least 10 hours on this puzzle, but I finally did it, and I didn't get any help or make any 'guesses' along the way.

I'm glad I kept up with it, this puzzle was brilliant. I can't even begin to imagine how you constructed it.

am 11. Juni 2021, 16:29 Uhr von PixelPlucker
Very long and rewarding solve!

am 11. Juni 2021, 16:08 Uhr von Storm
Wow! Beautiful and interesting logic!

am 11. Juni 2021, 13:41 Uhr von Statistica
Ganz klasse. Hat Spaß gemacht.

Zuletzt geändert am 11. Juni 2021, 17:33 Uhr

am 11. Juni 2021, 09:49 Uhr von Phistomefel
Wow! Thank you very much for the overwhelming feedback, folks. And of course, for giving the puzzle a go.

am 11. Juni 2021, 08:54 Uhr von udukos
Fantastic and spicy!

am 11. Juni 2021, 06:40 Uhr von TotallyNormalCat
Wonderful puzzle as always
I have a feeling Simon will show this comment section in the video
Hello Simon :)

am 11. Juni 2021, 01:58 Uhr von MariaL
Extraordinary masterpiece! Loved it!

Zuletzt geändert am 11. Juni 2021, 01:20 Uhr

am 11. Juni 2021, 01:20 Uhr von abed hawila
Wow! Magnificent puzzle! Finally managed to solve it, I never thought I would, especially because I am not used to anything other than sudoku. The puzzle solves smoothly with some tricky deductions but never impossible, I get stuck for a while before I noticed that I misplaced a digit, but after that everything was smooth. Thank you so much Phistomefel!

am 11. Juni 2021, 01:09 Uhr von DiMono
Almost exactly three hours for me. I had a silly mistake near the end, but aside from that, it was a smooth (yet hard) solve. Very nice.

am 10. Juni 2021, 18:44 Uhr von polar
Magnificent puzzle as always! I actually found it a lot more intuitive than some of your other brutal (but wonderful) puzzles - your warning had me fearful :)

Lovely interaction between the two rulesets. Tight solving path but I never felt particularly 'stuck', as has been known to happen for me. Very satisfying solve indeed!

Zuletzt geändert am 11. Juni 2021, 14:59 Uhr

am 10. Juni 2021, 18:15 Uhr von henrypijames
I need to get up really early tomorrow, so I repeatedly forced myself to put this puzzle down and go to sleep. But every time before I actually fell asleep, I picked it up again - until I finished it. I'll surely regret the lack of sleep tomorrow, but right now I'm just so happy. :)

Additional tip: Since coloring was needed to mark the differently-sized fillominos, I used shapes (differently-oriented dotted triangles) to mark cells that had to contain the same digits (basically coloring with shapes). It didn't help that much, but it did help at a few important junctions.

am 10. Juni 2021, 16:13 Uhr von MagnusJosefsson
Really wonderful! This puzzle-type in general is a lot of fun, but this puzzle was particularly clever and creative. So many moments staring at the puzzle before suddenly getting the right idea and the next step becomes obvious. Thank you Phistomefel!

Zuletzt geändert am 10. Juni 2021, 16:13 Uhr

am 10. Juni 2021, 16:13 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
Wonderful puzzle with some clever and very entertaining logic throughout! The ruleset is a perfect combination of the two puzzle types, and the 6x6 was a great preparation puzzle too. Thanks a lot for setting this beauty! :-)

am 10. Juni 2021, 15:45 Uhr von Tilberg
Kruzitürken, das war ein Ritt! Danke!

am 10. Juni 2021, 14:21 Uhr von SirWoezel
What a gem. And thanks for mentioning my puzzle was somehow an inspiration. Made me quite happy.

am 10. Juni 2021, 12:50 Uhr von Jesper
Great puzzle! A very intuitive ruleset for a mix between Killer and Fillomino.

am 10. Juni 2021, 11:47 Uhr von SirWoezel
Lol... 136 minutes in and I just discovered I broke the puzzle somehow. And I was so sure the deductions were solid! I haven't been able to solve several of your puzzles, but I'll be darned if this is going to be one of them!

am 10. Juni 2021, 07:26 Uhr von cdwg2000
Very nice!

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