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A Dotless Kropki

(Eingestellt am 21. Mai 2021, 15:00 Uhr von athin)

Rules of Kropki:
  • Each row and column contains one occurrence of each digit from one to the size of the grid.
  • All pairs of orthogonally adjacent cells containing numbers with a 1:2 ratio are marked with a black dot.
  • All pairs of orthogonally adjacent cells containing consecutive numbers are marked with a white dot.
  • All white and black dots are given, thus two cells that are adjacent and not having any dot should not have any of those properties.
  • A 1 next to a 2 may be marked with either dot.

The standard Kropki rules apply.

Lösungscode: Row 4 and Row 5 (left-right).

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am 25. Mai 2021, 10:05 Uhr von Aspartagcus
I've made a puzzle with this idea before, so I knew what was going on. Still interesting. :)
Here's a penpa version of this puzzle for anyone interested:https://git.io/JshNL

am 25. Mai 2021, 01:34 Uhr von KyleBaran
Once the pattern became clear, it was very easy. Still enjoyable

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