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Country Road Killer Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 21. Mai 2021, 02:44 Uhr von SenatorGronk)

  • Standard sudoku rules apply
  • Digits cannot be repeated within cages
  • There is a closed loop consisting of horizontal and vertical lines connecting cell center to cell center
  • The loop doesn't cross itself and visits each cage exactly once
  • Cells that aren't part of the loop can't be horizontally or vertically adjacent if they are in different cages (See: Country Road Puzzle)
  • Values in the corner of cages equal the sum of the digits in that cage that are part of the loop

CtC: link.

Lösungscode: Row 9, Column 9

Zuletzt geändert am 19. Mai 2022, 16:11 Uhr

Gelöst von polar, PixelPlucker, Jesper, karzym, Mark Sweep
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am 19. Mai 2022, 16:11 Uhr von SenatorGronk
New link

am 21. Mai 2021, 07:13 Uhr von polar
Lovely puzzle and interaction between both rule sets!

am 21. Mai 2021, 02:39 Uhr von SenatorGronk
This is a modified version of a puzzle I made last summer. I think it does a better job of requiring the solver to jump back and forth between the country road and sudoku rules.

It also allowed me to remove a clumsy rule I had to tack on to disambiguate a few cells at the end.

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