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Search to nine nonconsecutive

(Eingestellt am 17. Mai 2021, 18:45 Uhr von DarkBeamIta)

All the rules and strategies of Sudoku "search to nine" apply: diagonal distances must be projected to an horizontal line, and can point to any nine in that diagonal. (Like in this puzzle)

Rephrasing those rules; if there is a 1 on an arrow, the cell immediately adiacent must be a 9. If there is a 2 on an arrow, the second closest cell must be a 9 ... Etc.

In addition, there is a non-consecutive constraint, so no cells containing consecutive numbers (difference of 1) can share a border in the whole puzzle, just corners are allowed.

The puzzle is way simpler than it looks and does not require bifurcation. Solve online link by Jade_pv here (no check); https://f-puzzles.com/?id=ydwon8tb

Lösungscode: 1st row, then last row

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am 20. Mai 2021, 12:54 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
Thank you, added the link <3

am 19. Mai 2021, 13:42 Uhr von Jade_pv
f-puzzles link: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=ydwon8tb

I hope it's okay if I share this :)

am 17. Mai 2021, 19:08 Uhr von DarkBeamIta
Oopsie! Added now thanks :)

am 17. Mai 2021, 19:07 Uhr von CJK
Since this is a sudoku puzzle, could you please add the sudoku tag? :)

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