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Renban %3

(Eingestellt am 10. Mai 2021, 17:40 Uhr von abed hawila)

Normal sudoku rules apply.

Grey and Red lines are Renban lines. This means each line contains a set of consecutive, non-repeating digits, in any order.

Little killer rules apply. Digits along the indicated diagonal sum to the given total, and digits may repeat.


You can play online: f-puzzle link

Lösungscode: Column 4 Row 6 (18 digits, no spaces or commas)

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am 26. August 2021, 23:10 Uhr von uvo_mod
Label "Online Solving Tool" ergänzt.

am 20. Juni 2021, 17:06 Uhr von Vebby
Very clever puzzle! The ending is tricky.

am 4. Juni 2021, 20:28 Uhr von Klausku
Wow! What superb logic. But it was 5 stars for me and took me 3 hours. However very enjoyable 3 hours. Thank you very much.

am 17. Mai 2021, 12:51 Uhr von Qodec
What a treasure tove of logic again, thanks!

am 11. Mai 2021, 06:29 Uhr von brandon_bot
Every moment of insight during the solve seemed to top the previous. Wow, absolutely loved it.

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