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Simon Gagne - Apr 23, 2021

(Eingestellt am 8. Mai 2021, 23:19 Uhr von Polycarp)

My wife and I welcomed our 6th child into the world on April 23, 2021. His name is Simon Gagne. I made this puzzle as a celebration of his life. The obvious theme of the puzzle is the number 6. I hope you enjoy it.

Normal sudoku rules apply.

Little Killer Rules. Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of the digits along the diagonal.

White dots indicate a difference of 6 between the digits of the cells.

Killer Cage rules. Digits in cages must sum to 6. Digits cannot repeat within a cage.

Clone rules. All gray squares must contain the exact same digit.

F-Puzzles link: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=yj7vfe2k

Lösungscode: row 5 digits followed by column 5 digits. (18 total)

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am 9. Dezember 2021, 04:47 Uhr von Polycarp
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am 13. Mai 2021, 04:55 Uhr von Polycarp
Thank you all for the feedback. I appreciate it. I am a big hockey fan as well, so I am familiar with Simon Gagne of the Flyers. And sorry to break the bad news, but there won't be a 7th. We are done. 6 is enough. HAHA

am 9. Mai 2021, 21:08 Uhr von wentel21
Very nice puzzle! Congrats!!!!!!!!

am 9. Mai 2021, 10:53 Uhr von Swarley
I used to be a big fan of Simon Gagne, the hockey player, back in the days when he used to play for the Phiadelphia Flyers, so I was very intrigued by the name of this puzzle. Very nice solve and congratulations on the newborn! :)

am 9. Mai 2021, 05:38 Uhr von brandon_bot

am 9. Mai 2021, 02:58 Uhr von jorgenunez
Congratulations on the newborn baby! Great way to celebrate his birth.

For a moment I thought I've made a mistakes because I found a "deadly pattern", but I just forgot the clone rule.

Very entertaining. Can't wait for the 7th haha

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