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borescoper story- mirror of the world

(Eingestellt am 9. Mai 2021, 00:00 Uhr von bigger)

When the world was born, everything was numbers. When the sky rose and the earth sank, there also born a sacred artifact, a mirror that reflect the world. The mirror’s true length was infinite, true height, unlimited. However, in the mortal’s eyes, it’s only a 9 feet wide, 9 feet high mirror. Inside the mirrors were everything in the world, all taken the form of numbers, separated into 9 same size region. Nobody is equal in every row, column or region. In every 田 shape place, whenever two orthogonally connected numbers had the same difference as the other two, a sub-mirror is born beside them.

As the example shown, 24 has the same difference as 68, so a mirror in between.

Years gone. Centuries passed by. The mirror was fogged by the dust of time. The sub-mirror was still distinctive, yet most numbers are covered by dust. Mortal, can you see through the dust?

If you are a learned Chinese, I highly recommend the origin wechat site (I really don’t think google translation would work),thsi is the last story, good luck.

Lösungscode: row 5 column 5

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am 10. Mai 2021, 21:01 Uhr von PetLov
I don't care what others think.
I liked this puzzle.
It's a pity though I will never understand the rules of the previous two puzzles.

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am 9. Mai 2021, 13:24 Uhr von marcmees
the only one in the series where the story didn't obstruct a clear view of what is expected.

Bigger: It's the sixth story. Nobody can hide rules in different ways for that long. Also there's an example, and a shorter rule.

Zuletzt geändert am 9. Mai 2021, 20:37 Uhr

am 9. Mai 2021, 12:31 Uhr von SKORP17
gut, das dies die letzte Story ist.

Bigger:Das ist die letzte alte Geschichte.Das heißt nicht, dass ich keine neuen mache.Selbst wenn es Ihnen nicht gefällt, ist es das, worauf der Autor und die Löser stolz sind.Die Erfahrung ist einzigartig.Ich will es nur teilen.

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