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Normal Sudoku Each row, column, and box contain the digits from 1 through 9 with no repeats.

Killer Cages Digits in cages sum to the total in the top left corner of the cage. Digits must not repeat.

Little Killer Digits in a diagonal pointed at by an arrow, sum up to the number behind the arrow. The digits on a diagonal may repeat.

Kropki Digits separated by a white dot have a difference of 1 and cells separated by a black dot have a ratio of 1:2. Not all possible dots are given.

You can play it here.

Lösungscode: All digits in row 5 (left to right) and column 5 (top to bottom)

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am 7. Mai 2021, 21:25 Uhr von cam
Really cool puzzle :)

am 7. Mai 2021, 00:56 Uhr von Arcadiotl
Very nice puzzle!!

am 6. Mai 2021, 15:22 Uhr von cdwg2000
Very nice.

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