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Star Wars Day Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 6. Mai 2021, 00:18 Uhr von jshaham)

F-puzzles link

Standard sudoku rules apply.

Standard Thermo rules: Digits along thermometers must strictly increase from the bulb to the tip.

Standard Killer rules: Digits in cages must sum to the total given the corner of the cage.

Standard Little Killer rules: Numbers outside the grid are the sum of the digits along the indicated diagonal. Digits may repeat along the diagonal if allowed by the other rules.

Lösungscode: Enter the digits in column 2 and column 3 in order from top to bottom

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am 15. Mai 2021, 05:40 Uhr von askel083
Thanks! Creative and fun to solve!

am 6. Mai 2021, 01:01 Uhr von jshaham
Added f-puzzles link.

am 6. Mai 2021, 00:30 Uhr von Wampan
can you provide a link for fpuzzles or penpa?

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