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Find the clues yourself sudoku

(Eingestellt am 2. Mai 2021, 11:43 Uhr von filuta)

Beware that this is a meta-puzzle and cannot be solved purely logically. However, it has been tested by several people with the conclusion that there should be no ambiguity once you get the right idea.

Normal sudoku rules apply. The additional rules are conveniently written directly into the puzzle.

f-puzzles link

Series of hints (just highlight the text below):


Don't look for any secret code, substitution, or anything complicated like that, just read carefully what "the rules" (literally) say.


"The rules" describe the position of all the clues (constraints) and the resulting sudoku is very easy, if you cannot solve it, you probably didn't find all the clues.


You should be able to locate two thermometers, several odd and even constraints and also many given digits.


The resulting sudoku can be found at https://f-puzzles.com/?id=ye96837t

Lösungscode: column 5 and row 5 (without a comma or a space)

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am 13. August 2021, 15:47 Uhr von uvo_mod
Labels angepasst.

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am 10. August 2021, 07:56 Uhr von henrypijames
I thought for sure "growing from the left" would be a thermo - but it isn't. This shows how imprecise and subject to interpretation words are - especially when they're designed to be cage and cagey.
Sure, I am aware that combine the mystery genre with sudoku this way is very risky, since the sudoku needs to be very precise, so here one must rely on the feedback from the testing, which was very positive in this case. At the same time I know it certainly doesn't work for everyone, so I prepared the series of hints. But yeah, it is (in my experience) the unfurtunate nature of the mystery puzzles that they just don't work 100% of the time.

am 2. August 2021, 21:29 Uhr von Prutsbeest
Haha ok, that was nice! Had to take a quick peek at the hints to confirm my thoughts, but that was very original indeed! Need more of these puzzles ;-)

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am 17. Juni 2021, 21:56 Uhr von Kafkapharnaum
Hahaha, that one felt like a tapas after your Arrow Sudoku Redux XD So much fun though, I'd take another one like this anytime! :D
(wow, I hadn't seen the impressive discussion below -- as far as I'm concerned, I found all the clues without looking at the hints and didn't struggle for even one minute; I'm not bragging, as you know, I struggled like I never struggled before on your other puzzle!)

filuta: thanks, happy you enjoyed it. I must say, this puzzle was also a lesson for me, since (quite uncharacteristically for me) I made it in just about four hours and so it is very imperfect, but somehow is the by far best received puzzle of mine (although sadly not so much here on LMD).

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am 16. Juni 2021, 02:09 Uhr von Innocuous
Fun puzzle, thanks!

filuta: thanks for the comment, glad you liked it.

am 31. Mai 2021, 00:28 Uhr von filuta
formatting correction

am 31. Mai 2021, 00:25 Uhr von filuta
added a series of hints that will guide you to the solution

Zuletzt geändert am 4. Mai 2021, 19:03 Uhr

am 3. Mai 2021, 19:47 Uhr von filuta
Corrected the missing parenthesis in cells r3c9 and r6c4 (which has nothing to do with the solution of the puzzle). Also changed the difficulty again, based on more feedback. I really struggle to assign the difficulty to this one, I think that for a person that is used to this kind of riddles (or rather ciphers) the difficulty may be as low as two stars, but otherwise, it may be much more difficult. I will be happy to provide hints to push you in the right direction, just write here a hidden comment.

am 2. Mai 2021, 21:08 Uhr von filuta
changed difficulty

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