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(Eingestellt am 2. Mai 2021, 00:00 Uhr von XeonRisq)

Normal sudoku rules apply.

Numbers on a thermometer must strictly increase as they move away from the bulb. Numbers on the thermometer must be non-consecutive (numbers cannot have a difference of 1; ie 1-2-3 is not allowed, 1-3-8 is legal).

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Lösungscode: Row 1 followed by Column 7

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am 11. August 2021, 20:10 Uhr von uvo_mod
Label "Online Solving Tool" ergänzt.

am 4. Mai 2021, 03:55 Uhr von 0123coolkid
This was my 300th puzzle on this site!! Thanks for making this a good milestone by making a great puzzle! :)

am 3. Mai 2021, 18:05 Uhr von XeonRisq
@cegie Thanks for the kind words, happy you enjoyed the puzzle.
@MatthewDonovan Appreciate it, glad you enjoyed it.
@SKORP17 Ich konnte mich nicht zwischen 3 und 4 Sternen entscheiden. Ich bin mit 3 gegangen, um sicher zu gehen, und die Bewertungen der Löser überschreiben meine, glaube ich, also hoffe ich, dass es sich von selbst auflöst, wenn es 4 Sterne wert ist.
@MrBrain Nice! Glad it was challenging and you were able to solve it anyway.

I wasn't trying to make a difficult puzzle. (sorry if I got the difficulty rating wrong) More I was trying to make a thermo-sudoku with an additional restraint. I think it adds an interesting piece of complexity that requires a different way of thinking about thermometers, how they interact with each other, and their limitations. I'm more interested in how "non-consecutive thermos" is received than anything else.

am 3. Mai 2021, 12:04 Uhr von cegie
Lovely puzzle!
Each clue unlocking a few more clues, slowly unraveling the entire sudoku. Never getting stuck for too long at any point while also not just cracking wide open making everything past break in busy work

am 3. Mai 2021, 01:58 Uhr von MatthewDonovan
Nice puzzle, thanks. I agree that it was quite difficult!

am 2. Mai 2021, 17:07 Uhr von SKORP17
das ist 4 Sterne wert.

am 2. Mai 2021, 04:07 Uhr von MrBrain
Whew, I solved it. Nice puzzle, but very hard for me!

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