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红葉puzzles(PP89): Sudoku006

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Authorized by the author 红葉(MOMIJI), he plans to publish his hand-made standard puzzles on this website, with 2 to 3 questions per week. If you like it and have good suggestions, you can leave a message.

Standard Sudoku

Author: 红葉 (MOMIJI), from China, this question comes from his personal blog.

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Lösungscode: Zeile 7, Spalte 7.

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am 13. April 2021, 12:22 Uhr von cdwg2000
Added F-puzzles link.

am 13. April 2021, 12:08 Uhr von ranhothchord
here is a version of f-puzzles if anyone else prefers it: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=yjsjw8fj

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