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(Eingestellt am 8. April 2021, 01:48 Uhr von zetamath)

Normal sudoku rules apply.

Each of the clues given in the grid is either an arrow or a thermo. Which is which is for the solver to determine.

On an arrow, the number in the circle is the sum of all of the digits along the rest of the line.

On a thermo, the digits strictly increase starting at the bulb end.

Have fun, leave a comment if you enjoy the puzzle!

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Lösungscode: Row 6 followed by Column 6

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Gestern, 21:55 Uhr von emmettcito
Took me almost an hour to find the break in but it was well worth it. Exceptional puzzle!

Gestern, 00:28 Uhr von MartinR
Enjoyable solve, quite tricky, but satisfying to complete

am 9. April 2021, 22:11 Uhr von raretypeoffox
Wonderful puzzle. Nice logical path and maintains difficulty till the end. Nice work :)

am 9. April 2021, 13:07 Uhr von GremlinSA
Now that was a fantastic solve :

am 8. April 2021, 18:23 Uhr von SimiC
Wow this was amazing!

am 8. April 2021, 15:54 Uhr von henrypijames
Very interesting ruleset, work really well.

am 8. April 2021, 07:58 Uhr von PixelPlucker
Very nice logical path!

am 8. April 2021, 02:28 Uhr von zetamath
Posted the link to the wrong puzzle due to copy/paste error, but fixed now!

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