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15x15 Standard Pentominous

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Rules: Divide the grid along the dotted lines into pentominoes (five-cell regions) so that no two pentominoes of the same shape (including rotations/reflections) share an edge. A cell with a letter in it must be part of the pentomino shape normally associated with that letter. A pentomino may contain 0, 1 or more given letter clues.


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Public image of 12 pentominoes with letters by uvo

Lösungscode: For each cell in the following rows, enter the letter for its pentomino: Row 4, Row 12 (30 letters)

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am 23. April 2021, 11:35 Uhr von PixelPlucker
Beautiful opening idea and overall solution path! Thanks for this huge and most enjoyable Pentominous :)

am 31. März 2021, 07:09 Uhr von stefliew
Thank you all for the kind comments!

am 30. März 2021, 14:32 Uhr von shye
one of the most enjoyable solves i've had in a while, stunning idea and execution

am 29. März 2021, 14:39 Uhr von glum_hippo
Ein Flüchtigkeitsfehler, aber sonst ging es sehr glatt. Prima Idee!

am 29. März 2021, 09:33 Uhr von r45
Sehr schön!

am 29. März 2021, 01:56 Uhr von Eggr
Nice. It took me a while to notice the break-in but it was pretty smooth after that.

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