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Reversion to the Mean (Regression zur Mitte)

(Eingestellt am 20. März 2021, 23:24 Uhr von cristophermoore)

Sudoku rules apply. Digits increase along thermometers. In each cage, digits may not repeat, and the average of the digits is 5: that is, the total equals 5 times the number of cells.

My idea was to make the killers as subtle as possible, since the average would be 5 a priori. I hope you enjoy it! Not all the thermometers are strictly necessary, but they make the path smoother.

f-puzzle link as shown here (this link will not enforce the cage totals)

f-puzzle link with cage totals shown

Here is a harder version with the same solution but shorter thermometers. I think this keeps the path closer to my intended logic. I wish I had posted this version in the first place... sorry, I'm a novice setter, and I need to check more carefully for logic bypasses.

Lösungscode: row 1 followed by row 2 (18 digits total)

Zuletzt geändert am 9. Mai 2021, 00:35 Uhr

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am 9. Mai 2021, 00:36 Uhr von cristophermoore
And thanks to JeffWajes and all the solvers!

am 9. Mai 2021, 00:35 Uhr von cristophermoore
Thanks for solving, EliasKar!

am 2. Mai 2021, 05:31 Uhr von JeffWajes
Very cool. Even after wrapping my head around how many hidden 10s and 15s there were and how they interacted, it still took me a while to break through. I really enjoyed finding the trick.

am 24. März 2021, 17:10 Uhr von cristophermoore
Hint: although this puzzle doesn't have a magic square, you may find it useful to keep a magic square handy as a "map" of what triples sum to 15, and how odd and even digits participate in or block these triples.

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