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Bubble Trouble

(Eingestellt am 16. März 2021, 12:01 Uhr von Stavros96)

"Bubble Trouble" by Stephen Parthimos (Stavros96)


  • A bubble between two horizontally adjacent cells indicates that the digits in that bubble ALL appear in cells either to the left OR to the right of that bubble. Same applies for bubbles between two vertically adjacent cells, just above OR below the bubble.
  • Thermometers increase from the bulb to the tip
  • Normal sudoku rules apply

(Note: The digits cannot split. E.g. the 2,4 bubble in row 1 cannot have a 2 somewhere to the left AND a 4 to the right.)

F-Puzzles Link: Click Here

Penpa Link: Click Here

Lösungscode: Column 1 and Row 9

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am 18. März 2021, 16:10 Uhr von henrypijames
I think the description would be clearer if it explicitly says "in that row (or column)". Because "to the left" could otherwise be understood to include top-left or bottom-left instead of straight-left.

Zuletzt geändert am 17. März 2021, 13:49 Uhr

am 17. März 2021, 12:42 Uhr von SimiC
Very beautiful puzzle!

@SimiC Thanks!

am 16. März 2021, 21:39 Uhr von Stavros96
Penpa link updated

Zuletzt geändert am 16. März 2021, 21:40 Uhr

am 16. März 2021, 21:35 Uhr von Jesper
The Penpa link does not include the two givens (7 and 9). Made the start really hard for me, until I re-checked the description and saw the discrepancy. Anyway, thanks for the puzzle - very nice concept!

@Jesper Ah thanks for that, I've updated the link - also glad your enjoyed it!

am 16. März 2021, 21:33 Uhr von Cowbear
@argl No to all of your questions. Staying with row 1, The 24 bubble means the 2 and 4 must either both be to the left (c123) or both to the right (c4-9). The 457 bubble means all of 457 must be either to the left (c1-6) or the right (c789)

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am 16. März 2021, 17:57 Uhr von argl
Hi, this looks interesting. Could you clarify the rules? E.g. for the 457 bubble in r1, is it valid for the 457 to be in r1 c567? Is it valid for the 24 bubble in r1 to occupy c3 and 4, or should there only ever be one clued cell next to a bubble?

@argl No to both of those :) Check Cowbear's comment above

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