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Standard 6x6 Sudoku rules apply. The digits 1-6 appear exactly one in each row, column, and 2x3 box.

Each digit in the grid represents a skyscraper of that height. If a cell contains an arrow, then the number in that cell denotes the number of skyscrapers that are visible in that direction from this vantage point (on the ground). Higher skyscrapers hide lower skyscrapers.

Playable link here

This puzzle is a smaller version of my Whirlwind puzzle

Lösungscode: Row 3, Row 5

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If someone is interested: There are some more puzzles of this scyscraper variation (without sudoku areas) on this site, in the contest engine. E.g. in https://logic-masters.de/Wettbewerbe/CE/wettbewerb.php?id=109 you find two.

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Added proper skyscraper tag

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