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The Old Windmill Sudoku

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Sadly, the old windmill has now been dismantled.
The central cross that held 4 L pieces is still there.
The L pieces are laid out in the same orientation as they had been on the cross.
The L pieces are colour coded with the position they used to occupy.
There are a few bits of sail lying around, and some nuts and bolts.

The Cross and the L shapes all have sums of 23, or 24, or 25. Re-construct the windmill to solve the Sudoku.

Normal Sudoku rules apply.
Cages sum to the given number, and do not have repeat digits.
The bolts are circles, odd digits.
The nuts are squares, even digits.

Solve the puzzle online at F-puzzles

What the old windmill might have looked like in its heyday....

Lösungscode: Enter the digits of column 4 followed by the digits of row 6.

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am 5. März 2021, 23:47 Uhr von SKORP17
wenn man erstmal verstanden hat, ist das Puzzle wirklich schön

-- Vielen Dank.

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am 3. März 2021, 19:37 Uhr von SKORP17
Die Regeln und Farben sind ziemlich verwirrend, ich versteh das ganze jedenfalls nicht

-- Hi, let me see if I can explain. Sorry if this does not translate well. There are four L cages (in boxes 1, 3, 7, 9). If you move them across so that the same colour overlaps, then they are in place to re-build the windmill.
The important point is that therefore there are copies of the L shapes on the board.
Any cage sums to 23 or 24 or 25, if it does not yet have a sum.
Hope that makes it clearer.

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